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  • 10Oct
    Notice for the students appearing in U.G. First Semester Exam, 2018 under CBSC mode scheduled to be held on and from 01-12-2018 are to fill-up the Exam Forms during 31-10-2018 to 07-11-2018 in online at nbuexams.net
  • 20Jul
    Notice Inviting E-Tender (Two Bid) NIT No. 01/DGC/PRINCIPAL/2018-19 dated: 21.07.2018
  • 09Jun
    Notice for admission in B.A, B.COM and B.SC Honours Program Courses and General Program Courses in Darjeeling Government College for the session 2018-2019 will be commencing from 11/06/2018
  • 17May
    Online Registration for admission to 1st year B.A, B.SC and B.COM (HONS/GEN) in Darjeeling Government College will begin immediately after the publication of West Bengal Council of Higher Secondary Result
  • 01Nov
    Quotations are invited for the financial year 2017-2018 (Dated : 31/10/17)
  • 09Oct
    Application For Admission To 1st Semester, 2017-18
  • 09Oct
    APPLICATION FOR ADMISSION TO 1st SEMESTER, 2017-2018 M.A. [English/Nepali] / M.Sc. [Zoology/Botany]
  • 09Oct
    Applications are invited from eligible candidates for admission to M.A./M.Sc in English, Nepali, Zoology and Botany in Darjeeling Government College for the session 2017-2018
  • 16Jun
    This is to bring to your notice that due to some inevitable circumstances we have to postpone the publication of the merit list for the admission for some unspecified period of time.
  • 26Nov
    Student's Council Election 2016 will be held on 8th December 2016
  • 18May
    Admission Process of under graduate courses for the academic session 2016-2017 will star from midnight (12:00 Hrs) of 29th May 2016
  • 06Aug
    Bachelor of Arts in Honours Geography, Bachelor of Arts in Honours History, ,Bachelor of Arts in Honours History, Bachelor of Arts in Honours Nepali
  • 05Aug
    Darjeeling Government College Bachelor of science, Bachelor of Arts in Honours Bachelor of commerce, Bachelor of Commerce (Honours) in Accountancy Master of Arts
  • 04Aug
    Master of Science in Botany,Master of Science in Zoology, Bachelor of Arts in Honours Bengali, Bachelor of Arts in Honours Economics,Bachelor of Arts in Honours English
  • 02Aug
    Bachelor of Arts in Honours Geography, Bachelor of Arts in Honours History, ,Bachelor of Arts in Honours History, Bachelor of Arts in Honours Nepali


• A Student is eligible to write the semester/annual examination only when he/she has a minimum of 75% attendance in each subject and in aggregate of all the subjects. 

• Students with attendance those below the required level will not be permitted to appear for the end semester/annual examinations. 

• Leave of absence from College must be applied for previously. The general terms of excuses such as 'some business', 'Personal work', 
and 'sick' are not sufficiently explicit.

• The leave letter should be duly signed only by the parents.

• Absence from class up to 5 days needs to be justified with the Class mentor. The HOD's clearance is required in addition to the Class mentor if absence ranges from 5 to 6 days.

• In case of absence for more than a week, the student shall obtain the permission from the Principal to enter class. In case of sickness a  medical certificate is to be submitted.

•A student who falls short of 75% attendance in any month will be required to meet the Principal with his/her parents.

•A student, who is continuously absent for more than 15 days without intimation, is liable to have his/her name removed from the register. 

Regulations Of University of North Bengal Regarding Attendance:

• Each semester/term shall be taken into consideration for the purpose of calculating attendance. 

• Students shall attend lecture classes, special classes as well as seminars if any during the semester as the college/department may prescribe and not absent themselves from class without adequate reasons.

• A student shall be considered to have completed an semester/term if he/she attended not less than 3/4 of the number of working periods in each of the subjects of study during the said semester/term and if his/her conduct and progress have been satisfactory. The principal shall notify the attendance of each student in each of the two semesters/term respectively. He shall also certify to the effect that the candidate has satisfied the attendance requirement of the course in the examination application form, which is to be forwarded to the Controller of Examinations.

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